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Two weeks ago I had an ultrasound done of my bladder and kidneys, my doctor sent me because of my filtration numbers were slightly low. Well, after the ultrasound stated slight hydronephrosis of the right ureter, the tube that goes from the kidney to the bladder, had an issue. I went to a Urologist and he said I need a procedure done, a cystoscopy. But, he cannot get me in until June. So, I wondered if anyone out there has this problem? I am overall healthy, except high cholesterol. I am concerned, will this affect my Kidney If I wait to long, I have no pain at this time, no uti's or such. Only latley since I know a slight uncomfortablness on that lower side> I would appreciate any thoughts on this> thankyou



Hydronephrosis can make your kidneys stretch and swollen because there is a buildup of urine inside your kidneys. Now this condition is very serious and should be treated as soon as possible. I don’t know how come there is no free dates sooner than Jun. There are several complications that you might experience if this is not treated on time. The worst is of course kidney failure. There can also be an injury to the kidneys. If you kidney is falling you will notice symptoms such as tiredness, swollen ankles, blood in urine, swelling of the feet and hands and shortness of breath. So I would try to urge if you can get sooner appointment at the hospital.