I have a quite embarrassing question: I've been asking some friends how many openings they have on the top of their penises. I always get the same answer: just one. But I do have three holes on top of my penis! My normal functioning urethra (I can ejaculate and urinate through it) is very close to the frenulum, and then on the top of my penis there is something that looks like the small lips of a vagina. It's really small, and it's right next to the urethra. When I pull these small lips apart, there are two holes: a bigger one, and a smaller one, close to the urethra opening. This resembles me of a vagina, because there is a bigger opening (to have babies) and a smaller opening (to urinate). Were I supposed to become an hermaphrodite, but it actually was corrected during pregnancy? Or is this some strange kind of hypospadias? I can't find anything about this type of condition anywhere, please help me!