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I have been having chronic mentrual problems since my 3rd c-section in November 2003. I nursed and didn't get my period until 11 months post part\dem but began spotting here and there during bowel movements and after intercourse (I'm assuming uterine contractions) at about month 6 post pardem. When regular periods began, I had painful ovulation (my ovaries feel like tennis balls) and I would have a very heavy period for 7 days, stop for two days and then have about 5 days of brownish-black grainy discharge. I saw my OB and we started progesterone (norethindrone). This helped the heavy and long period but I still had the 5 days of spotting/discharge after the normal period.

I then went in for a D&C in June 2005. Nothing out of the ordinary was found during the scope but the procedure didn't help the black discharge. My doctor's next solution was uterine ablation (sp?). I decided to keep doing the norethindrone. (5mg twice/day) and have been on that for about 5 months. The periods have gotten lighter and lighter and the black discharge has shortened in span too. My prescription expired so I quit the norethindrone. This month my ovaries are really sore again causing back pain and I just had the black discharge again with intercourse.

I would love another opinion to my problem. I'm frustrated with my doctor because I don't feel like we're getting anywhere.


If you feel like that, you should certainly look for a second opinion. Over the internet, it is hard to say anything especially because it can’t be seen and yet you said that you haven’t been found anything during your exams.

Have you had your ovaries checked? You may have developed cysts which can cause bleeding and bloody discharge.

I have also experienced bloody discharge after c-section with my 2nd child but it didn’t last that long. I was told it was uterus lining shed and that it was ok. Your black discharge has been present for too long but it could be uterine lining clots as well.

Anyway, uterine ablation seems to be a very good way of getting rid of the abnormal bleeding. This, of course, regarding you don’t want any more children.
However, there are some slight chances for getting pregnant that way as well.
I was reading about this procedure and find it as a good alternative to hysterectomy as I find a hysterectomy to be the worst possible choice and the last option to any woman.

You mat even stop having your periods, if not completely, your periods will certainly become normal.