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I'm 46 years old and have experinced heavy bleeding and cloting for about 2 years now and I've heard about a surgical procedure that uses
a baloon with hot water and seals off the veins. What can you tell me about this procedure.

thank you, Lynda


Hi! I have never heard of the technique you are talking about but I do know about uterine ablation that helps women who are done giving birth with their heavy periods.
My sister had it done and got quite a lot of relief.

Uterine ablation is a procedure in which the lining of the uterus is burned, so that it cannot grow during periods. This is a very good alternative for hysterectomy as it leaves ovaries intact and the production of hormones is not disturbed either.

This doesn’t lead to any mood changes and other negative effects that hysterectomy causes due to forced menopause when sexual organs are removed.

In uterus ablation, ovaries stay intact and continue to produce eggs and estrogen.
My sister got such a relief from this procedure. At first, her periods were reduced but some time after she stopped having them. She did it after having two children.

Uterine ablation doesn’t make you infertile, so you still need to use contraceptives in order not to get pregnant.


On the contrary...

My wife had a uterine ablation six months ago and since then she has developed seizures, battled with depression, mood swings, and a neurologist suddenly slapped an "epilectic" label on her.

I think MUCH more research needs to be done on this procedure before it is continued any further.


Yeah i have my period and i dont know how i can have a peacfull sleep without ahving to get up and keep wiping down the blood and im confused.

Thanks for anyones help. :-)