6 mos ago I had a horrible uterine ablation experience.  My GYN was horrible, the pain during the proceedure was horrible, but afterwards, I went back to normal.  Periods slightly lighter in flow, but nothing that would make the procedure worth it.  Last month, period light...a few days and that was it.  This month, nothing.  I refuse to go back to that dr., so other than just being slightly crampy, I'm going to give it another month.  Has anyone else experienced the same.  I've been reading the reviews and posts all day long , and I can't find anyone with my exact symptoms...which are, up until last month, I thought the ablation did not work.  I'm also throwing in there, I was going through a terrible divorce at the time, so I'm wondering now that things have calmed down in the drama department, so has my body???  Wishful thinking?  And why is this such a mystery?  There should be a guide to our own bodies.