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I have retinal degeneration in my right eye which is stable at 20/150.  My left cornea is irregular in its contour ( a long story).  Since 2010 I approximate 20/30 vision in that eye.  However, on a bout a doxen occasions in the past year, teh most recent of which being today, I experience a sudden loss of vision in that eye.  The experience lasts for an hour to two hours max.  Today I tried to get to my local D.O. to see if he could determine the cause of it.  He was on vacation.  So, I went to the hospital E.D.  They verified that I was 20/200.  I have a corneal and retinal specialist 3 hours a way.  So, were I to try to get there I woudl be recovered.  I was sent to a local Opthamologist who by the time I was seen confirmed my vision went back to baseline.  is there anyone out there who can shed some light on the etiology of this problem?  It is very disconcerting to go to work and not be able to function.  Please help if you can.


Hi. Sudden loss of vision can be due to a host of problems, usually like retinal detachment, ischemia, vasculitis etc. Hence, it would be best if you have your eyes checked by an Ophthalmologist (Retina Specialist would be best). It would be very difficult to comment without having a look at your eyes. Warm Regards,

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