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I just recently had intercourse with out using a condon for the first time. Ive changed partners, ive never had a bladdder infection before but i google and have some of the symptoms. It hurts when i pee. Its heavey on my stomach, it feels like im finna pee on myself sometimes but when i go to the bathroom very little come out and my back has been killing me. Did i get itfrom uunprotected sex?


I am sorry to hear that you have a suspected infection.  Generally, getting a urinary tract infection can happen to you whether you have protected sex or unprotected sex.  It is because the urethra is almost parallel to your vagina and with the motion of intercourse, it can push bacteria up into your urethra and also cause irritation in there.  You can help prevent a urinary tract infection by peeing after having sex.  This will flush any bacteria out of your bladder and the urethra.  So remember to do this soon after intercourse, and you can keep this problem from happening again.