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ive had 4 bladder infection in 3 months ive been taking the meds they give me but once i go off of it it comes back within 4-5 day what is wrong with me


It is nothing wrong with you but with the bacteria that has caused your infection. Those little creators have some weird tentacles that they use to attach to the bladder walls, so that urine cannot expel them and they stay hidden there.

Another reason why medicines don’t help is that they gather together in a ball, make small coating around them, so that antibiotics can break them and kill them.

I had problems with E. coli in my bladder and this is what my doctor told me.

There are some small tips you could follow bit they are hardly to help once an infection occurred.
Wear always cotton underwear. When you wipe after urination, always wipe from top to the bottom in order to prevent spreading bacteria from around the anus (from faces) into the genital area. Most of the bacteria come from there.

Make sure you wash your vagina after every sexual activity, as well as your hands after urination. Drink cranberry juice or take cranberry tablets. It is not known why cranberry helps in urinary tract inflammations but it seems that it does.

Prolonged bacterial treatment is not good either because besides the bed bacteria, it kills the good as well, making a good ground for yeast overgrowth.


Please go to the Health Food Store and get "Goldenseal". You can purchase it loose and make a tea out of it, or you can also purchase gel caps and fill the caps with the loose goldenseal powder. About 1 cap a day for 7 days ought to help you.
My grandmother also had recurring bladder infections and she used it and it worked! She always drank a cup of the tea once a week. It tastes bitter, so if you're drinking it, use some honey.

Hope this helps.