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Hey there.


This autumn is really upsetting for me, and obviously, for my pets as well. Especially for my little Boo. I really don’t know what is going on, I can’t tell. He was totally fine until three days ago.

We were out one day, and it was raining. It was not the first time that we walk when there is a rain.

But, this time, I think that he caught some cold. I can see that he is in pain while he urinates. I went to see the vet and he told me that my Boo has bladder infection.

I was wondering, what's the most common causes of bladder infection in dogs?


Hello. It is likely that your dog caught some bladder infection, but if your vet told you that this is true, than you should treat him right – again, like your vet told you. There are so many causes. In your case, as you can see, your dog caught a cold. But, the most common cause of this is bacteria that enters the urinary tract, through the urethra when your pet’s immune system is week and when it is compromised due to health conditions or some other circumstances as well.  It can be really bad and painful, but I am glad that you reacted pretty fast. 



Hey girl. And the others :)


Bladder infections in dog are not only uncomfortable for your dog, but they can also lead to some serious health complications.Sometimes, if you don’t treat it right, it can lead to even death. Of course, if you don’t treat it. But, if you detected it on the time, it can be treatable, and you can take steps to reduce your pet’s risk of some future infections.

It is caused by bacteria, and the medical term is cystitis, or bacterial cystitis.


So, the most common cause of bladder infection in dogs is infection, that can be really hard for dogs.



Hey everyone.


My cat has the same problem as your dog, when autumn comes. It is really true that this can affect your dog.

He can get very sick.

This infection often occurs when microbes, usually bacteria, get into the bladder and proliferate. It is true that any dog can get a bladder infection, but female dogs are more likely to get this infection.

This disease can be very unpleasant for your dog, and it irritates the organ, and then, it increases the pet’s need to urination.


I really hope that there is no blood in the urine, because in this case, I think that this can be healed with meds only.




I also have to add that I really hope that there is no blood or some strange mucus in the urine in your dogs, because this could be a huge problem as well.

But, trust me, we all can see are there some changes in our pet’s behavior.

Trust me, this can tell us a lot about this.

Also, the invasion of bacteria in the urinary bladder or the upper portion of the urethra may result the infection.

It usually happens when the local defense systems is impaired, and this system helps to protect against the infections.Usually, it is caused by infections :)