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Hey everyone,

I hope that all of you are doing fine.

I recently noticed not so normal behavior in my dog. He seemed like he was having a hard time while urinating which never happened before. After researching on the internet, I read a lot about bladder infection in dogs and I think that this is the case with my dog. They mentioned difficulty while urinating on the internet, as well as blood in urine. I saw that too. I know nothing about this infection since I’m a new dog owner, and it’s my first dog ever.

Please help. I need to know about bladder infection remedies for dogs.


Hey Mima,

Bladder infection isn’t a dangerous thing, at least not if it is treated rightly, and it is not so hard to treat. I would always go with natural remedies instead of antibiotics. Antibiotics can lead to some undesirable side effects and I always say that natural remedies are better.

Juniper berry is the best known natural cure for bladder infection, and you can find it any better supplied store. It increases the rate at which the kidneys filter out the impurities, so they increase the urine production. People find this remedy very effective.

Uva Ursi leaf goes along with Juniper berry, as it is one of the most powerful natural astringents available out there.



Hi everybody,

I don’t understand why is everyone against antibiotics. I don’t think that natural remedies are bad or anything, I would just always go with antibiotics. I have trust in our medicine.

My Lily had bladder infection two months ago and I successfully treated it with antibiotics. I visited my vet, he prescribed them to me (although I don’t recall the name of these pills), I used them for about 13 days, I think, and the infection hasn’t happened again.

I obviously have experience with bladder infection and antibiotics so I guess that makes me legible to suggest these antibiotics to you.


Hey guys,

Guest, you can’t be serious about this. Why would you put stuff created in labs in front of natural remedies? I seriously think that that is so wrong.

I used antibiotics for my dog’s bladder infection but only because I didn’t know about any natural remedies. Only recently have I discovered a few things that could help with this infection.

My girlfriend’s dog had this infection not so long ago and she used marshmallow roots. It is known to stimulate the immune system and it alone attacks the bacteria that caused the infection. I think that this is the best possible remedy out there and plus, it’s 100% natural.



Hey folks,

I’m up for these natural remedies as well. I don’t hear that people are complaining about antibiotics, but my personal opinion is that natural remedies are better.

I’ve heard about a lot of natural remedies for this. You have already mentioned three of them in the posts above, and those three are the best: Uva Ursi leaf, Marshmallow roots and Juniper berry. Other than that, you have Parsley leaf, effective too, Cranberry and Blueberry. All of these remedies are known to be effective, some more than others.

Feeding your dog with raw fruits, vegetables and yogurt can help a lot with fighting this infection.



Hello everyone.


If your dog starts to show some first signs of this disease you can use some home remedies that can help your dog though the night. But that doesn’t meant that you should not see your vet.

You should do this immediately next day.

You have some remedies at your home. One of those remedies is water because it is very effective and it can help flush out this ugly bacteria. Make sure that your dog has access to fresh and clean water all the time and you need to encourage him to drink as much as possible.

Vitamin C is also helpful and you can find him in the cranberry juice.



Hey there.

Um, yes..I know how you feel. When my Boo had bladder infection I was so nervous….probably more than he was.

I think that some meds are really powerful in this situation but somehow I am always for natural remedies. I didn’t know that cranberry juice can be helpful and I am sure that I will try out this trick once (even if I hope that I won’t need it).

Do you know what else is helpful? You should bath your dog with warm, fresh water using lemon in combination with green tea and organic apple cider vinegar. It is highly effective and it is amazing natural champion.

My friend told me about this shampoo, I believe that it is good.

But I don’t have experience with it.



If you were ever dealing with bladder infection, that you do know how uncomfortable is. The same thing is for your dog.
I am really thankful for natural remedies. I am a huge fan of them and whenever my dog has problems with it I am healing it with natural remedies.

You can definitely try Uva Ursi leaf because everyone knows that this is one of the most powerful natural astringents available.
Marshmallow root is helpful! Very helpful. It works very simple – it stimulates immune system and attacks the beater that caused infection.
I can guarantee that there are no better cures than those two.