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i was due on my period on the 29th march . I have not come on my period i am very late. i am always on time. i have been having brown discharge from my vaginal area. i have not done a pregancy test yet but do you think this indicates pregancy or do you think its realated to something else.Please help!!!


Well, it could be a few things. First of all, it could be the discharge indicating your period is approaching. Many women get brown discharge prior to their periods.
Secondly, yes it could indicate that you are pregnant. It could be either you implantation bleeding (that usually lasts for just one day and happens about 7-3 days before your period) or vaginal bleeding that many pregnant women experiencing during early pregnancy due to uterus expansion.

Secondly, if you have been having sex before the discharge appear, it could be indicating cervical inflammation, cervical polyp (depending on how old you were), dry vaginal walls or Chlamydia infection.

In order to know for sure, you should see a gynecologist.