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Can someone tell me if this sounds like implantation bleeding?

I'm on BC - on a Sunday-Saturday cycle - and am due to start my period anytime between now (Tuesday) and Thursday. This past Saturday, the last day of my active pills and before I had even taken that last pill, I went to the bathroom and to my surprise there was blood. I had a fairly stressful week last week so I just assumed it was an early period and put in a tampon. When I went to change the tampon there was very little blood on it and I haven't bled since. That was 3 days ago. Since then I have had light cramping and am constantly feeling like I'm starting my period but nothing is ever there other than some whitish discharge although there were a couple of times yesterday where it looked like there was some pink on the paper after I wiped but I still haven't started so it obviously wasn't AF.

I've also thought about breakthrough bleeding because I've experienced that several times while on different kinds of BC but anytime I have experienced that I pretty much have just started bleeding and not stopped until after my period is over. This time I literally bled for a couple of hours and stopped - and it wasn't the same type of bleeding. This was a dark reddish discharge-ish kind of blood.

Another thing to note is that my breasts have been very tender on the outside section closer to the under-arm and that is not typical of AF symptoms for me. My fiance also noted last night that my nipples looked alot darker than normal and asked if I had been in the tanning bed - that's actually what made me say "hmmm...I wonder." Other than that I don't have any other symptoms.

What do you think?


My wife period date is 5 or 6 but today is 14 September but period is not come i am also be checked prega news but results is negative what sho i do