i have a problem, and i'm not sure if i should go to the doctor. i'm 23 (i'm also white and overweight if that matters) and i'm having bleeding issues. up until recently, you could set a clock to my periods. i got them the same time every month, and they always lasted 3 days. but about 5 months ago i started bleeding, and i haven't stopped. i thought i was maybe just spotting, but the blood is enough that i wipe blood every time i go to the bathroom, which is every hour or 2. and just over the last 4 days, i've had very heavy bleeding and blood clots a little bigger than a quarter. i get cramps, but its nothing unbearable. i havent had sex in about 3 years, so there's no way i'm pregnant, and i'm not on any birth control. i also feel like i have to go to the bathroom all the time, and i sometimes have mild pain in my lower back. i'm sure its nothing... i'm just corcerned though because my mom had Endometriosis, and my grandmother had uterine cancer, and both had a hysterectomy (sorry if i didnt spell that right). i have an appointment for next week, but any advise or thoughts about my situation would be very helpful. thank you