Okay...so here's the deal. I've had surgery for endometriosis twice and am facing a hysterectomy in the near future (I'm 26) but desperately want to have another child before I do that. So time is a huge issue but it took a year and half to conceive my first child and a year for my second...I don't have that kind of time this go around. However....I think I may already be pregnant as I write this but with 4 negative HPT, I desperately need someone else's opinion.

I have never had regular periods. One month I can go 21 days and the next month it could be 34 days. However, this time was only 16 days but I'm almost positive it's implantation bleeding. My husband and I were going to start TTC in January but um...by "accident" I guess we started a little early.

My last AF was 12/02/08.
The "accident" happened 12/11/08 and
I started bleeding 12/18/08.

The bleeding is still going on (now 12/27), making it 9 days thus far. I had implantation bleeding with my second child but it only lasted 4 days, however, it was like a light period as well. I'm not really using up an entire pad a day, but it's pink/red not brown. The morning I started bleeding, I was also very dizzy and very nauseous, which also happened with my second child, so immediately I was "OMG, I'M PREGNANT!" For the past 4 days I have been uber nauseous - to the point of running to my bathroom fearing I'm going to throw up. However, I've taken 4 HPT and they've all came back negative...no faint line I can grasp at at all. From what I've read you can get a positive HPT 10 DPO and 2-3 days after implantation. I'm clearly 10 DPO, I've been bleeding for 9 days and my last test which was this morning is 3 days before my period would be due if I was a 28 day starter this month. The box says I can test 4 days before expected period (5 days before missed period).

So my question really is...Has anyone else gone through this and still turned up pregnant? Has anyone had implantation bleeding last this long? Is it actually just a really early period or am I just testing too soon?

Any advice, words of wisdom, experiences...etc. would be greatly appreciated as I'm about to rip my hair out.