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Hi I'm 21, since I was seventeen I started bleeding for months at a time. The doctor recommended I go on the pill cause of my age. It did however stop the bleeding but didn't agree with me so after a year I came of it. After 2 periods it all started again. I've only ever had one partner and I've being with him 5 years now. I bleed for months at a time and then recently I've started bleeding during intercourse. I can't even seam to have a 10 day break to get a smear test. 


Sexual intercourse bleeding sometimes could be a symptom of gynecological disease. According to your description, it's not your first time, so you should pay much attention to it, you might have got some gynecological inflammation or disease, ranging from vaginitis to endometriosis, even stds. All these could cause bleeding after or during the sexual activities. Do you have any other symptoms, like itching, burning or pain?? Your best bet would be to seek attention of an obgym as they will be able to provide you with the proper help. In addition, I would recommend you circumscribe all sexual activity until this has been expunged. You may also try to google"99eyao"to consult their online doctors, i know this website provides online service for free. I think they may help you.  Good luck!