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Im not sexual active my boyfrnd stays 600km away from me see him once every 2months. Lately i have been noticing white thick creamy discharge from my vagina accompanied by itchyness which is very irritating,has lead me to changing my underwear atleast 3times a day,bath 4times a day down there and sleep with no underwear on


That could be yeast infection. Yeast infection can cause these symptoms. You can go to see the doctor to make sure. If it is, herbal medicine (f uyanpill) can help you. Though it may work slowly, it can eradicate this disease and doesn't have any side effects. .. I hope it can help you.



You're quite possibly having a yeast infection. 

Women with yeast infection may develop symptoms including:

Pain/itch/burning at vulva area

Pain/itch/burning in vagina

Pain during intercourse and/or urination

Cottage cheese like vaginal discharge

Swelling and pain around the vulva

Yeast infection is not something serious in most cases, but lots of women are bothered by recurrent infection and can't find their way out. You should see a doctor and get prescriptions to avoid a worse condition. You could also google"99eyao"to consult their online doctors for more useful tips, i know this website provides online service for free.