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I'm 20 years old and a few months ago I went for my first smear test the results from which came back saying I had a-typical cells and that I would have to have another smear in a years time.
I've been with my partner for 5years and have only ever slept with one other guy while we were on a break, I've had tests done and have been told I'm clear of any sti's and std's.
Lately during sex bleeding occurs, it doesn't continue afterwards only I do have a feeling of being scratched. My partner has a peircing in his penis and so when this has occured on occasion before I thought that it was just that, but lately its been frequent and because of the smear result I am scared to tell my doctor because I'm afraid I could have cancer or something wrong with me that will prevent me from having kids.
Also the only other time this has occured was in a certain position.
Should I be as worried as I am and go to my doctor or just get my fiancee to remove the peircing during intercourse and see if it makes a difference.
I had a miscarriage when I was 17 and both me and my partner would be heart broken if we were to find out that I couldn't have kids.
My grandmother had one of her ovaries removed at an early age due to a non-cancerous cist and was told she wasn't able to have kids then had my mum.
I also have marfan syndrome, I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. My mother has had smear results the same in the past and it has come to nothing.
I'm just really worried that there may be something seriously wrong with me.

If anyone has any suggestions to how I could figure out what is wrong without going to my doctor it would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Marisat: I'm a great believer in going through the most reasonable reasons why things are happening. When you have atypical tests, then it just means that they have to watch it and keep a close eye on your health! Just incase the cells turn precancerous!

1st ask your boyfriend to remove his piercing - this would make the most sense to me! Our vaginas are all muscle, and it takes a lot to tear them - such as a baby being born! BUT hat been said, they can still get scratched or irritated from a foregin object! If I were you, I would wait for a week or so to go by - just incase you have a scratch - then try again, WITHOUT the piercing. IF it still happens, I would hazzard a guess that you have a yeast infection or vaginitis going on! But lets wait and see if this happens again OK? Also check yourself out with a mirror to make sure you don't have any reactions - such as a rash - this can also lead to bleeding! Let me know how you make out OK? Don't worry by the way, this is VERY common! Good luck and health!