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Hello I am a 37 yo who is ttc.
I have been teaching myself thru various availability to learn how to become pregnant.
So far I have learned a lot.
In the past two months I have kept notes all thru my cycle
This month I pinpointed O to be around March 1-5
Me and my guy had unprotected sex several days before and after and also the week before my expected cycle which should have started around the 16th
However on the 19th I began to have brown dishcarge which came by wipe... spotting of dark red & then it began to be light in color (pinkish) other times and @ other times nothing
This happened for three almost days straight... It finally went away.

After this
I tested with a hpt and twice got a - negative.
What made me test a 3rd time is because out of the blue, I began having abnormal amounts of saliva in my mouth. So much to the point I am nausea at my stomach.. Spurts of saliva at that Its very irritating..
plus some vomiting.
I know I want to have a baby really bad and they say you can want something so bad that your body acts in that manner.

Since the hpt came back negative, why am I experiencing this, I wonder?
And how should I prepare myself for the next ovulation period?
Somebody give me some advice, please???? :?


It’s so great that you are so determined to have a baby and how you take notes of everything that you are going through. But you should remember this famous saying that things happen when we the least expect them! You can’t force things to happen, you just let them go with a natural flow.
If you have learnt a lot about getting pregnant, then you should know that there are many, many agents that take part in the process of getting pregnant. This is certainly not an easy job, otherwise you would easily get pregnant whenever you have the intercourse, right?
As the matter of home pregnancy tests, they are not completely accurate, but if you repeated it and all three times the result was negative then I guess it’s the way it actually was. It would be a miracle that you actually are pregnant (with all the symptoms you have) and the test cannot recognize it three times in a row. What I suggest is to visit your gynecologist and ask for a blood test which is more accurate than urine home test, as it is able to detect pregnancy hormones in blood way earlier. Having this blood test done, you can be completely sure whether you are pregnant or not.


I took 4 or even 5 hpt that all came back negative while I was, in fact, pregnant. Sometimes we know our bodies better than some test does. Keep trying- it'll happen.... Good luck and remember- home pregnancy tests are not always the best...