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okay so it has been 3 weeks since we dry humped. we are both 15. when we were dry humping, i was wearing boxers and she was wearing underwear. i ejaculated, and she quickly went to clean herself just in case it got through. she wiped herself and washed it a bit. she had her period a week later. and she was a week early. lately she has been feeling slightly bloated and has constant mood swings. she was sick a few days ago, and just got better. im thinking that she is still a little sick. she is really stressed about it and from school work. please tell us if she may be pregnant. she is afraid to take a test or tell her parents


Hey, alright, first off: Relax.

Personally, i dont think you have anything to worry about.

SHES 15, mood swings are something that goes with the age ^_^ also because of the age, her period wont always be on a regular basis.

she got her period a week later. (as long as it was a normal period, bleeding for several days, not spotting or a darker color) then she has almost no chance of being pregnant.

You guys dry humped, yes you came, but you had 2 layers of clothing (thin, and not fullproof, but it definitely gives you a better chance of her not being pregnant.

She is probably making herself sick by worrying so much. Tell her to relax, and tell her that she has an EXTREMELY MINIMAL chance of being pregnant. The low odds should calm her down enough that the stress levels wont delay her next period (thus making her more stressed, and therefor even LATER)

Finally, if you are truly worried, YOU can get a pregnancy test at the store. they wont judge you. people get them all the time. Then when you two have a moment alone, give it to her and tell her to read the instructions.

it may be too early to tell right now (actually it's most likely too early) but i dont feel you will need it anyway.


hi! sorry i hadn't known your post a long time ago. an just wanted to see how you were and see if she'd gotten pregnant?