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me and my gf had kind of sex or "wet humping", but we were both wearing our underwear, but after w days after we did it, she vomited, but that was the last time she vomited until after 2 weeks later, she vomited again. she already had her period, just after also 2 weeks since we "wet humped", and she vomited again after the 5th and supposedly final day of her period, but during her period, she had kind of mood swings, she was angry with me, and she also started to hitting me as well, and she also told me, that she's been urinating frequently as well, but no other signs have yet occurred. is my girlfriend pregnant after all what had happened, even she already had her period? 


it could be pregnancy but also some doctors say getting sick and throwing up could be a sign of a uti or urinary tract infection and the frequent urination is a sign of that also she may need to see a doctor.