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Hi I have been wondering something, for the past month or two I have found blood in my stool and in the water and on the paper and I only go number 2 like 1or 2 times a week but I eat a lot of bread, when I go to the bathroom it doesn't hurt I mean I feel it but not pain. So if you have any idea what it is and how I can bring it up with my doc that would be great Ps I'm 14 and a girl


Hello Sadiekat,

It sounds like you are constipated.  You should have a least one bowel movement a day.  Eating a lot of bread can cause that particularly if it doesn't have much fiber.  You need to change your diet.  Stop eating all that bread and bring in some soluble and insoluble fiber foods.  You can start by eating oatmeal for breakfast.  If you must have bread, take in whole wheat breads and don't have more than 1 to 2 slices per day.  Having blood in your stools may indicate that you have irritated the bowel and it is bleeding.  If the intestinal wall is badly damaged, you can infections that not only get into the wall but can pass into your blood system carrying that infection throughout your body.   It's probably a good idea to go to your doctor to checked out at this point to be on the safe side.