When you look at your children fighting you would have never thought that there’s a bond between them, would you?
According to new analysis on the sibling’s relationship, it has been found that things have changed and that the jealousy that used to exist before between the siblings is not that strong anymore.

This is because roles in the families are no longer defined and an older child doesn’t have the seniority role. What siblings do today is make a partnership and quickly become playmates. Of course, no partnership is perfect and rarely that any siblings relationship would be problem free.

When siblings get into a fight, parents should let them sort their problems on their own. In the end, they must come over the problem and find a compromise. This certainly affects their social life and makes them more open to compromises and agreements in their further relationships. Siblings can also help each other find their own roles.

The researchers also report that it makes a difference if the child has a sibling or not to a parent’s relationship as well. Those families who had more that one child seemed to be happier. Many single child parents said that they would rather they had one more child because a single child can often be a burden to them.