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i have a friend whoes wife got pregnnt twice without the insersion of the penis he is very troubled by this as he has doubts if the children are his as he was planning on separating from her both occassions that it happened. he does not remember having sex with her but she says it happened when he was drunk! the two children look completely diferent from each other too! is it possible that these kids are his as he does not have a chance of testing at the moment as the kids are with her and he is kind of a battered husbend.


1st of all, in a lot of states in the USA (not sure about where you live) if a wife conceives a child during marriage, the child is automatically the husbands.... even if he did not create the child, and can prove paternity.

Additionally, if he's raised these children as his own this long, does he really WANT to harm them with the possibility that the only man they've ever known as Daddy isn't? Also, just because the children do not look alike does not mean they are not siblings, just means they are not twins of any form. My brothers and I are very different from one another yet have the exact same parents and genes. Genes are not always predictable.

What married couple doesn't have sex... ever? I'm kinda confused on that one personally.

Lastly, if he's in a battered relationship he needs to leave and get his life together.