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I am 16 years old. Due to rennovations in my room, i slept in my parents' room. I woke up in the night for some water and found them having unprotected sex. many doctors have advised my mom on her high chances of getting pregnant. my mom is 46. I am not ready to have a baby brother or sister nor are my parents. the blow is that my mom has missed 2 of her periods. This has psycologically affected me. They don't know that i know . Please help me.

P.S. I have seen my mom masturbate with water splashed fast on her clitoris. Is it safe?


First of all, you should have taken the sofa as your temporary bed, and secondly, it is your mom/dads concern if they have unprotected sex or not. They are adults who are capable of making an adult decision without your permission. You are 16, almost an adult yourself and you should not be concerning yourself with what your parents are doing or not doing.
As far as them having sex in the same room that you were sleeping in is not so good. I am sure they could have waited until you were out of the house or at least gone into another part of it. How do you know it was unprotected? Maybe dad was wearing a condom. I would hope the lights weren't on for you to see them. :$

If mom has missed her period, so be it. This baby will be their concern, not yours. Maybe they wanted to have another child, again this is up to them.
As far as you walking in on your mom pleasuring herself, probably in the tub or shower, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Masterbation is normal and safe. The water technique is fine and won't hurt anything, aside from leaking water out of her vagina for a while afterwards, it's no big deal.

Are you the only child? Do you feel that this new baby will some how remove you from the spot light? Are you afraid that mom/dad will be more attentive to a new arrival? Baby's are wonderful and you may be surprised how quickly you will find yourself falling in love with your new sibling.
My advice to you is to concentrate on yourself and your schoolwork and your friends, at this age you don't need to monitor your parents. Focus on being a teenager and live your life accordingly. The teen years go by in a flash and before you know it, there gone. Don't spend the next few years babysitting your parents.


You know I agree a bit with the reply above mine , about your parents actually not waiting till you were out of the room, there are other places for them to go even with that said I understand your concern about your mothers health and believe that you have a close nit family, therefore I believe the "jealousy" is not part of it!!! But you should actually talk with your mom about her having a baby at this age and what your concerned about! Good for you for being so open!! You obviously are a very caring person, who unfortunately saw too much
Good Luck