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idk what to do i am 6 months pregnant with my second kid at the age of 13 should i be worried cuz i am a single parent and the father is not doing anything to help with the baby on the way or the one thats already hear he is 18 should i put him for child support or rape because he took my virginity from me along time ago we been together for 4 year and i lost my virginity to him when i was 9 years old


Yes, you should be worried. Where are you?

The father should be taking some responsibility for his child. But first, please give more information so we know more about your situation, and what has been happening.

  1. Where do you live? UK? There is help available in some countries.
  2. What is your relationship with the father? You refer to him as 'the father' and not your 'boyfriend', yet you have 'been together for 4 years'. What do you think about him?
  3. Why raised the thought in your mind about rape? Why now in particular? What were the circumstances when you were nine? how did it happen?
  4. Do you have any parents? What is their view?
  5. What sort of housing arrangements do you have? Who do you live with?
  6. Are the Social Services agencies involved with you at all?
  7. How old is your 1st child? How do you cope with the child and your own education?

There is often help available (depending where you are), and suitable counselling would be a good idea. Sex between an adult and child 18:13 is not only illegal in many countries, but also considered as abuse, certainly in the UK. Child Protection Agencies can often step in where necessary.

Try and get help locally. You are in great need.

Hope this helps as a start





Yes, I would be worried. He is 18 and youre 13 so that is considered rape. He is also the father of your kids, so he has to do at least some work. He needs to step up and take responsibility for your kids. And no matter what, he NEEDS to pay child support, and if he doesnt, then you need to talk to your parents, and tell them to have a talk with his parents to see if there can be something arranged, because if I were you, I wouldnt tollerate that. But im just speaking my opinion, hope this helps!