Hi. I was in an auto accident a year and a half ago. I suffered a good blow on the inner side of my tibia bone and quickly bled a lump the size of a grapefruit. Was not clear if my tibia bone was fractured from the xray. Took 5 months to absorb and a couple drains (with not much luck-too clotted) before it went back to normal size. Now over a year later, I have a big bruise that won't go away, small indent and is numb, deep pain in my leg above and below my knee. I've been waiting forever to get an MRI done. My family doctor doesn't think it's nescessery to see an orthopedic specialist. At this point I just want surgery or something quick to end this daily pain. Right now I'm doing magnetic therapy, kinesiology tape, pain/freeze creams and taking naproxen. Has anything really helped anyone or is surgery my best bet??