Hi, i am a 21 year old male. i don't smoke, i don't take drugs of any kind besides benadryl. i do drink but not that heavily. for about 3 weeks i have noticed massive changes in my bowel movements. at first it started with explosive diarrhea for 3 days straight, then when it went back to normal i noticed some dark colors in my stool as i went to wipe i noticed blood on the toilet paper, this went on for a couple of days, right when i was about to freak out it stopped and everything went back to normal then like 3 days ago i was constipated with blood in my stool when it did come out, the constipation has stopped but im not entirely sure the blood has. i am out of work right now and i do not have health insurance. i don't want to go to the ER and have them test me for a bunch of stuff and find a bill for 5 grand in the mail when i get home.

I do eat alot of spicy food, and like i stated above i drink beer.I just want to know if it could be colon cancer or crohns disease or something as serious as the two of those. i have read that colon cancer usually doesn't happen to younger people, but it seems i have more than 2 symptoms of colon cancer.

Thank you for any help.