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Hello everyone,Let me try to explain things,I had unsuccessful cervical spinalcord surgery, DOC thought tumor has spread from previous brain tumor, took biopsy to test tissue,came back all nerves he took biopsy off, they were swollen from liftin too much(heavy appliances) ok long story short since then terrible pain in lower extremities like fire slowly lost strength,muscles astrophy so on and so on today Im quadriplegic and having hardly no bowel movements for few months,just sand like with lot of straining and also have no feeling of having to go, BUT know its in there, so strain and tighten abdomen and only get sand-like on bottom of toilet! whats the best testin can be done Xray says everythin is normal !


I've had 4 spinal fusions I can walk now, I was in a wheel chair for 2 years, then walker then 14 years with cane. i had my first fusion at 20, I'm 55 now. But have similar problem I am always constipated, sometimes nothing for 3 weeks & I am in such pain. My husband doesn't understand why I have no appetite. I've been on narcotics most of my life so I know this is the main problem. But I also have many damaged nerves in my lower back & have lost the abilty to bear down or push. I live on natural laxatives, teas,etc. I make a vegi-fruit smooothie every morning for breakfast. Stool softners, cleansers,detox, etc., but can't poop! It has now got to the point it hurts in my ovary/pelvic region when I sit down on a hard chair, it's sharp pain.....i am so full of it! Even my Natropath has run an out of GP is useless as is the ER dept. Because I'm packed not blocked they won't help me, they no how severe it is as they have taken x-rays. My best remedy that I use is "Smooth Move Organic Tea" by "Traditonal Medicinals" every night after dinner. They recomend I cup with 1 bag - that does nothing for me so I use 1 up with 3 bags & after 3 or 4 nights I will have a b.m.(sometimes not much other times....amazing! Not to sound grooss but  sometimes it works so well it looks like a horse dropped by & dumped!  But there is still pounds of it up there. I've tried hydrocolon luck. the tec!h said I was not normal & 1 or 2 treatments would not help me, she suggested 6- once a week for 6. No luck, water up - water out, that's all. So I purchased 6 more treatments I wanted to continue with the tea nightly for at least a month before I start those treatments. Wish I could be of more help but try the tea & add a lot of fibre  to your diet -oameal is good. NO BREAD OF ANY KIND- EVER!!Drink water,water,water! I have a glass of ice water in my hand all day long & take bottles with me wherever  I go, or  I know I'd be even worse. Good Luck!