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boy-mason girl-alycia rochelle-rich blondie mason likes.... ok so i go to school with mason he is super cute and im a besfriend to him buti like him.he likes rochelle.we ang out all th time and we have madeout once and kised four tims.rochelle and hve no spark and only huged im twele we all are but i want him. he looks mein the eyes when we talk ad isten to eachother butdoes he like me?!?!


What's up! Before i give my views on ur post, let me get this straight first. Well, Mason is ur best friend n he like Rochelle. Ok. Got it. I think he does likes u  but he also likes that girl. Since both of r best friends, u shared common interests among u two. Maybe he feels more comfortable with u but he can't denied that he loves that girl. He is dilemma, whether to like u or her. The best solution is to confront him personally. Express ur feeling. Maybe ur friendship will turn to relationship(couple). A person once told me that ''a relationship that was built from a friendship is going to last longer''.


I hope this may help you. Thank you!