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So there is this guy I know and like he is 17 and I'm 14. He has a girlfriend but the aren't in a public relationship, we talk time to time. I really like him he is really cute. How do I know if he likes me? His current Girlfriend is skinny, short and darker than me, I am curvy, medium, lighter than her and 40 D breast, do you think he would date me? 

P.S I do not plan on being a home-wrecker. 


Hi Virgo,

I think you know what to do with him, NOTHING.

You said it here: "P.S I do not plan on being a home-wrecker."  If you know he has a girlfriend then why do you want to get involved with him.

Also, you're too young for him.  3 years may not seem like a lot but he's almost ready to graduate from high school and move on with his life.

Besides, once he turns 18 he can get in some serious trouble if "anything" happens.  Being a minor, you can't agree to "anything."  So even if you say "yes" in the eyes of the law it means "no."