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Hello, i'm a 14 year old girl and i will go on a limb a say i have been in "love" with my best friend all my life. Please believe me it's not a silly teen crush i have always felt he is the one and that he is perfect in every way <3. So recently since we have been teens i have noticed he has done certain things which make me believe that he has certain feeling for me too i will list them and you can tell me your opinion please :)

1. He follows me around (a lot) wherever i am he is even if i say "just a second" and leave he'll still follow.

2.He'll do little things for me such as buying me things i say i like with his own money for no reason or listen to me as i blabber on and on ;)

3. He's a complete gentleman around me. Usually he is a complete goof off and yes he'll goof around but he'll also hold doors pay for things and just be sweet in general.

4.He's a bit possessive of me usually his brother hangs out with us and he will usaully push his brother away and say "leave us alone!" in a whisper.

and finally 5. He gets handsy like he'll grab my arm playfully or mess around with my stuff kinda like it's not just mine and he'll sit next to me all the time

there are more reasons but those sum it up please let me know what you think and god bless :)



Based on the things he does for you I'd say that he is definitely into you as much as you are into him. I know friends can do similar things for each other , but he is definitely not doing it "just because of friendship". He is just scared to do something about it.

Maybe you could give him more obvious clues that you like him, or even talk to him and tell him how you feel. The best relationships come out of friendships so i think you guys are going to be awesome together.

Hope this helps.



ok. yeah. sure. but I dont think you will actually sit down and talk about it...try to give him more clues that you like him..guys are kind of dull when seeing clues that girls like them....