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Hello- all of you who have had large branchial cleft cyst removed by husband who had surgery on 10/21/08 is still in a lot of pain and thought he would be feeling better by now. He had a drain tube for 24 hours after surgery. Since then though, it seems as if his under chin /throat area is filled with fluid. It does not appear swollen as much as jiggly-like heavy with fluid. We are a little concerned that something is wrong and have called the doctor daily explaining our concerns. They said its really too soon after surgery to be concerned. Anyway- I guess we would feel better knowing other are also having a lot of pain and discomfort 4-5 days post surgery, and that to expect a slow recovery time. Also, that the fluid will disssapate within time-and that this is just normal. Any feedback with post surgery will be appreciated!!



Hi, I had my brachial cyst removed 9 days ago, it hurts and is red. Ive been put on antibiotics 250 mg amoxcyline 3 times a day. It feels like the cyst is still there, also some of the lymph glands were removed which is normal for a biopsy. I took pain killers paracetamol/ codeine and some neurophen they help with the pain, tightness and itching. Good luck keep taking the pain killers ,