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About 2 months ago, I awoke with severe left neck/shoulder pain and pain down my upper left arm. I was unable to turn my head or raise my left arm. I struggled through the day, and got my hubs to apply an icy/hot patch on my neck, down my back to my shoulder at bedtime to get relief. While applying the patch, he noticed a bug bite on the top of my arm (where it joins my torso) - on the boney part in the back of that "joint". It was the size of my thumbnail and was raised about 8 mm. At the dr 5 days later (as soon as I could get an appt), he ascribed the pain to muscle spasms in my neck/shoulder and burcitis in my arm - something from which I have suffered before but never at the same time - and prescribed muscle relaxers and pain killers. He did not believe that the bug bite contributed to my condition.

A week later, during my monthly self exam, I felt a large mass at 12-oclock on my left breast. I followed up with gyno Dr, got annual mammogram, ultrasound 2 days later. Biopsy will occur in 2 weeks. My gmother lost both to cancer 35 years ago. She survivied 30 years. So, we are being proactive here.

But, through all this, my shoulder and arm still hurt. Less than originally, but still lingering and constant. Hubs was rubbing the painful spot between the bottom of my shoulder blade and the top of my bra strap this morning and pinched the sore spot....darn near had to pull me off the ceiling. So, I'm left wondering.....could all this be related to that bug bite from 2 months ago? Are there glands in those still sore locations that could be inflated and tender because of whatever bit me?

Yes, I'll go back to dr for the soreness, but will deal with the mass first. Just wondering if anyone else has had this goofy combination.


Hi Hon! Serious bug bites grow worse with time, and you would DEFINITELY be in a bad way physically by now!

I think it could be either a herniated disc in your neck - perhaps jerking quickly or twisting your neck too fast! OR you have a rotator cuff tear - whcih many of us do, it's just sometimes they act up! The only way of finding out is via an MRI!!! I had/have a rotator cuff tear, and as I was reading your symptoms I was kringing!!!! So ask your doctor about what I stated - both, and see what he/she thinks! Also a massage could get that knotted muscle released for you! I SWEAR like a trucker at min, but when I get home and those boney/knotty bits aren't there I LOVE her. So why don't you try that and see if it works for you!

Good luck and fingers crossed about your biopsy honey! God Bless!