I've just found this site and it seems to be interesting, so here goes. In 1991 while working at heights on a building site I fell 40ft hitting the ground they stated at about 90mph , I of course broke legs and other parts were in juried, but I broke my back at the L5 leaving me with no bowel or bladder function. The hospital messed up and I was sent home and told take some paracetamol and rest for a few days . Not being able to walk they placed me into a car and sent me on my way home, on the way home I suffered a fit, later on that night I was rushed back into hospital due to the pain and to have my legs fixed . Anyway I ended up Paraplegic having to manually empty my bowel and using a catheter when I needed to pass urine. I have had to suffer chronic pain for the last 26 years always the same pain, it starts on my rear right hip, goes through into my groin and into my right Testicle, then it goes into my calf muscles of both legs muscles . The pain is a dull throbbing which builds and builds until I end up laying on the floor curled up in tears . The pain can get so bad I will have a fit, doctors have stated it's due to pain overload yet they all state they have no idea where this pain is coming from except when I broke my back a piece of bone entered my spinal cord causing a bleed. Blood of course is corrosive to nerves and they had to remove the disc and the piece of bone , plus I had three other things done a Laminectomy and bonectomy Doctors have no idea how to end the chronic pain, I've had the things like using ones mind to think the pain away, difficult when it's so bad you have fits . I've tried everything I need to find out about the pain on my right side of my back and the groin and testicles plus the massive pain in my calf muscles which are so bad my calf muscles with come out in bruises . I need to deal with this pain at the moment it by using morphine , not something I wish to carry on with. I'm now 66 years old weight 15 stone 6ft tall , the accident was a fall 40 plus foot, I do not remember landing but was told I landed on my feet and rolled, then tried to get up once I came around . I was 45 years old when I had the accident. I suffer from PTSD and serious depression . any advice would be helpful.