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Hello, I've been experiencing some brown discharge lately. It first occurred about a week to a week ago, and it was fairly light brown, and had a slight metallic odor. It was not heavy enough to wear a pantyliner, and it lasted for a few days. It stopped for a couple days and just today I had the discharge again, only now it was more brown and thick.

My period is generally normal, it might be one or two days late/early; overall, it's normal. Sometimes it gets very heavy during the first and second day. My last period started February 7th (2011) and ended the 12th. So I would say this brown discharge started occurring around the 22nd.
I am sexually active, but I am not on birth control, thus my worry. The last time I had sex was February 19th, and we used a condom.

I am going to see a doctor, but can anyone tell me what this might be to ease my worries any? :/ or at least let me be more informed. Thanks (:


Well, I think that the most probable cause for this brown discharge you experienced was either because you were ovulating, or because the sex you had on the 19th might have caused small injuries to the insides of your vagina. Because the spotting started few days latter blood was brown which means that it has had time to clot a little bit, as opposite to bright red blood that comes directly from your veins. Have you been to a gynecologist lately? Is there a chance that you maybe have some sort of an infection?