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I noticed this few days ago and started applying Lamisil, assuming its a a fungal infection, it has been 3 days but no change in the infected area. It's not painful and occasionally itchy but not too bad. I shower regularly and never had this issue before. I am married and have only 1 sex partner, my wife had fungal infection as well after our last intercourse. Does Lamisil work for this kind of fungal infection or do i need to go to the doctor or wait few more days to see impact of Lamisil?

Thank you in advance.



A fungal infection would make sense based on the symptoms you describe. It will take longer than a few days to clear it up, though, so you should keep using the antifungal medication. If things don’t start to look better, you could try monistat – the yeast infection medication marketed for women – and absolutely see a doctor for a firm diagnosis. You might also consider using a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) in the future, as the nutrients in a good penis cream can help keep the body’s chemistry in balance and reduce your chances of developing a similar infection later on.