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So essentially yesterday morning I woke up after spending the previous couple of days locked in my room feeling like sh*t. Once awake and alert I decided to go to the bathroom, which was which i noticed it hurt the urinate. Then I noticed that the under side (the skin itself and the urethra)  were itchy, naturally gave it a scratch just brushed it off as needing a good clean after natural sweat build up that comes with be to sick to even fathom, so I went had a long cleansing shower. Spent the day as normal. Come this morning I woke up to find I have the exact same symptoms.I'm pretty worried, I'm only 17, had sex once about 4 months ago and it was protected, plus I know for a fact the girl is/was clean. I for some reason feel I would first rather get the opinion of random online strangers than go to my doctor, guess I'm just shy about this stuff. Really would appreciate a good answer with some evidence or facts as back up (opinions are valid and valued too).Oh and I would appreciate it if I didn't get any macho wanna be's in here busting my sh*t over my sex count.Cheers.



This is most likely a yeast infection - which is normal for guys and is not an STD. You can clear up a yeast infection using over-the-counter antifungal creams (monistat, which is sold as a woman's yeast treatment, works well). It's a good idea to see your doctor, though - no need to be shy, because they have seen and heard it all. Make sure you clean the area thoroughly every day, and try a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man  Oil) to keep the skin toned and  supple and boost your resistance to infection.