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I had a tubal ligation 5.5 years ago after the birth of my son. Shortly after that, for maybe a year, I didn't chart my periods because they were so off. If I had a period once a month, I knew I was good. Eventually, they did become more predictable.

And they have been so. Until now. My last normal period was May 5th. The only unprotected sex I had was on May 27th or 28th (in the early morning, so I count those days when adding up just how late I am). it was only on one of those dates, but I cannot remember which. My next cycle was due anywhere between June 1 and June 5. I cannot give a definite date there because for the past few months I've been fluctuating between 1 and 4 days before my last cycle date.

A few hours after sex, I noticed a brown splotch in my underwear. Being that it was one week before my due date, I though I was just having an early period. However, it didn't proceed beyond mere spotting. At first I panicked because I thought it was implantation bleeding, but since learned that it couldn't have been. I have not had a true period yet, just spotting.

I took an hpt on June 11, which was negative and another one on June 14 that was also negative. Today, June 15, I began spotting again. This indeed could be implantation bleeding. [What are the chances that it took the maximum amount of time to implant (12 days) ???]

But remember, I did have a tubal ligation 5 years ago. Also, the month of May was a hard month for me, but stress and illness (I did have a cold the week of May 21) hasn't caused fluctuation like this in me before. Also, I have been diagnosed as hypothyroid 2 years ago and have been on medication since. However, I admit that during the month of May, I did skip a few doses or didn't take them as prescribed (in the morning, wait an hour before eating.).

Could this really be just a hormonal fluctuation? What's with all the spotting? I would understand if I didn't have any bleeding like this. I've NEVER spotted like this before.


Update: the spotting has turned into a heavier and redder bleeding (at least now I have to use a pad). It's still not to the level my typical periods though and I don't have the typical knock-me-down back cramps I usually get.

At this point, maybe I shouldn't be thinking this is business as usual. I mean, I was 11 days late and all . . .

Any one else like this?


i hope you figured out what this was, i have been having some mid-cycle spotting, last few months have been a nightmare, i've had a miscarriage, now after having that i'm having this weird spotting going on which is unusual, i had a tubal about 2 years ago after having my son. but it's just recently that all this weird stuff is going on, read about post tubal ligation syndrome and wondering if that might be a possibility? being 27 i think i am too young to be starting menopause....