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Hi, im a little worried I may be pregnant, my periods have always been regular and starter around the 14th of every month. Well on wednesday the 4 I had a brownish discharge and since then ive had a light(compared to my period) red or brown discharge. Which ive only had to use one tampone day. Me and my boyfriend had sex the 25, 27 (of november) could this mean im pregnant?


If you are having sex and not using birth control (and even if you are), there is ALWAYS a chance you could be pregnant. If you really want to know whether or not you are, take a pregnancy test. As for the brownish discharge, that is more than likely old blood. Even when you have a normal period, many times all the lining is not shed and it kind of "hangs around" until the next period. Brownish, dark red discharge is usually nothing to worry about. Also, hormones levels change all the time and could be going through one of those changes and your periods may be lighter from this point forward.