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I was in a car accident about 3 years ago and I wasn't wearing my seatbelt, yes I know stupid me. Well, my shins ended up hitting the underpart of the passenger side seat (I was in the back) and I got some really nasty bruises from it on both of my shins. I don't have any pain when I'm walking or running, I feel fine with that, but now about 3 years later, I still have those bruises. They've changed in colour of course so they're not as dark as when I first got them. But you can definately see them on both of my shins. Is there a condition or something that when bruised pretty badly, the bruises stay? I said that I don't have pain when I walk or run, but when you apply a little pressure to the bruise itself, it does hurt a bit. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!



I have the same thing. I hit my shins really hard on a concrete wall about 6 years ago, and their still bruises, and when i apply pressure they hurt. If i hit them on anything, its really painful.