Me and my boy friend have been seeing each other for a while now and we've had sex a couple of times and everytime he came inside me it sort of burns like not that much and hurts and recently we had sex and he got two bumps on his penis and later started flaking like and we both got so worried but we went to the Doctor and he got a blood test and nothing was wrong he said every thing is fine but the doctor starting talking about Std's saying could be the cause and he should come back after 10 day of visit to check, my boy friend keeps asking me what went wrong but I not sick and don't have any STD's i'm so confused ? his putting the blame on me because if it was me i would have the same too but i don't right :-(I THINK HIS GOT PSORASIS but still not sure please help me i'm so stressed out and confused like ?

bellz! :'(