im 19 and my bf 27. i found out i was pregnant at almost 8 weeks. i just enrolled into college that time and my boyfriend just moved here. we only been together for 7 months that time. my father kicked me out when i was 16 and hurt. i live by my own since then. at first we want to keep the baby then my boyfriend freaked out and asked me to do the abortion if i want to then he said it would not be fair for the baby and me bc he see me happy when got into college after working for one year to pay for college. it is also bc he work in an oil field so he not really always around. he went away for one month and onshore for two weeks only usually. my student loan got canceled for some reason. i can't talk to my parents and i can't talk to friend even my best friend because i was so ashamed. i always against abortion and i never thought it would be this way. i just don't get how i can get pregnant bc am on pills and he even used condom. its not that my family can't support me it just they won't do it. after the procedure, physically i'm okay but mentally am still broken. since that day, me and my boyfriend have relationship problem. am depressed i can't concentrate on my study. my grades decline. for the past one month, we've been fighting every night. we both stressed with work and college and its not good. two nights ago, he told me he want space from this chaos. he said he told his friend about our problem but his friend said he should dumped me bc i'm only there bc of his money and way too young. he leave me when my place have no electricity and my best friend died bc of cancer and my family won't talk to me. yes, he did leave when i need him the most. i won't blame him bc this is very stressful for both of us. i come here bc i have nobody to talk to. nobody know about the abortion and i regret it so much but i can't do anything bc i was to weak that time. it happen so fast. i always wanted to be a mom but i never thought i would kill my baby. i study so that my children would be proud of me and i can all of they needs and i won't repeat any mistakes that my parents made. please, i really need some advice. i just don't know what to do. this is killing me slowly.