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Hi I am a 16 year old girl I have a boyfriend and we were at his house and he started kissing me (normal for us) but he started feeling me in my breasts and started touching my panties I said to him that im not comfortable but he asked if I love him I do love him So I went along with it He started taking my clothes off and then fingered me with one finger he made me give him a blowjob and then he had sex without a condom and he cummed inside me What should I do? I live in the UK (legal age is 16) It's not forcibly done either and I love him so I'm not complaining I don't want to speak to the pharmacy or parents about it


Hi Amber,

Can you get the Ipill?  You are at risk for pregnancy.

This will sound mean.  I only want you to realize what just happened and to look at it from another perspective.  Maybe pretend it was your sister and her boyfriend, not you...

Learn to RESPECT YOURSELF.  If you told him that you were "uncomfortable" then he should have stopped right there - in fact, if he loved YOU he would have stoped.

"He made me give him a blowjob."  How did he make you? You can say NO.

"He had sex without a condom..."  Why didn't you stop him?  Now you're at risk of pregnancy and any STD's he may have.

Having sex "if you love him" is SO WRONG on his part.  He got what he wanted - an easy lay.  Now that you've had sex once you'll find less of a reason to say no and now you'll have to have sex with hiim because if you don't you'll be afraid he's going to leave you.  

He's already told his buddies that he had sex with you anyways.

It may not have been forceful but he coerced you.

I'm so sorry Amber.