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Hi Everyone.. Sorry this is so long. The second part is my "symptoms" if you want to skip the back story.. I am just anxious.

About eight months ago I had sex with an ex boyfriend who I had previously dated for 3 years. He told me he had two partners after me and he is tested/checked for STD's a lot as he has issues with scrotum (ongoing since he was sixteen) so I'm sure he gets the full inspection. I asked him several times before, during, and after if he had herpes (no reason to suspect this). He made no attempt to conceal anything when we had sex. We used a condom and I really only had skin on skin contact for maybe 30 seconds. A month later I get a cold (cold season plus 7 hours on a plane) and notice a bump in my vagina. I assume the worst however, I had lost ten pounds on a diet in two weeks which caused my period to be a week early (I've been on BC for 4 years) so I think it upset the balance in my vagina as well. I went to my doctor for my prescription and mentioned I was terrified I had herpes. She asked me a lot of questions and said the chances were slim and not to worry. The next week I went back for my pap and had another doctor who also told me not to worry and did my pap and it came back clean.

Six months later I notice two-three hard bumps around my clitoris. They are sensitive (not painful) to the touch and have not gone away since I noticed them two months ago. One is really hard and pointy and I believe it is part of my clitoris. The other is white when I pull the skin (clitoral hood) back but also close to my clitoris. They do not pus, bleed, sting, tingle or blister.. I only feel sensitivity when I touch them and even then sometimes it is pleasurable since it is so close to my clitoris. Every time I look at it it never appears overly inflamed or swollen, my vagina looks healthy as a clam until you pull the skin up around the clitoris. The skin around these bumps feels tender but this has been going on for two months and I have been stressing because herpes symptoms are so mild to extreme. I should also mention I remember before I was sexually active I noticed similar sensitivity around my clitoris and I remember thinking "Great, can't masturbate with this" haha. Sorry for the life story! Just stressed. Greatly appreciate any advice!


Hi! I don't want to scare you but I would take this seriously, even a possibility of STD isn't something you should ignore. These bumps are probably nothing serious but you should see your gynecologist about it. These could be an ingrown hair or clogged pores. It is good that they do not pus, bleed, sting, tingle or blister, but better safe than sorry. Take care.