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I dont like going to a doctor for something as in bumps on my arm... but they started a few in number. looked allot like eczema, but its odd having it in the hottest part of summer. It isn't puss filled neither and it is starting to spread up my arm now and around. It hasn't spread any where else on my body. I have used calamine lotion but the itching is so unbearable now. before it was not so bad. and I could simply ignore it. now its just to the point where it burns to be itched.  it has only started to spread in the past week... to two weeks. otherwise it had not spread and did not cause me any alarm. 

Here is a picture:


What about heat rash?  Think about getting an Aloe Vera plant and break off a pod, break it open and spread the juice over your arm and hopefully the rash will be gone in 24 hours.