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 Hi is there anything you can buy over the counter to help you come off cocodamol


Side effects can include constipation, skin rashes, dizziness, sedation, shortness of breath, hypersensitivity reaction, fainting (syncope or near syncope), nausea and/or vomiting, confusion, loss of short-term memory, drowsiness, changes in blood, allergic reactions, euphoria, dysphoria, abdominal pain, pruritus (itching), easy bruising, bleeding gums, dry mouth and addiction.

Quoted from Wikipedia Co-codamol.

Here it goes: constipation - imodium can firm and slow down bowels, skin rashes use an aloe vera plant bought from a plant store and break a pod open and rub all over the rash area, dizziness, sedation, shortness of breath, hypersenitivity reaction, fainting not sure but sit down when you get these symptoms, nausea - vomiting gravol works for this or natural is a piece of real ginger cut up small and suck like a candy DO NOT CHEW IT or make a tea of it WORKS AWESOME, short-term memory start doing crosswords to achieve longer memory it does work (I'm a pothead), drowsiness sleep, changes in blood not sure but time will change this, allergic reactions benadryl or aloe vera plant again, euphoria or dysphoria not sure maybe just rest, abdominal pain or cramping heating pad or hot water bottle on abdomen works extremely well,easy bruising not much you can do but be careful, bleeding gums you'll just have to brush very carefully, dry mouth up your water intake is about the only thing that will help dry mouth, and you are dealing with the addiction by just coming off it.

Hope this helps and is not too confusing