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Hi all.. I'm 19 and suffer badly with ezcema to the point I can't sleep at night I'm currently a beauty student.. I can't participate in any treatments as my skin gets irritated and I'm to embarrassed to show my body as I'm covered in red dry patches and scabs :/ no creams seem to work for me and it's reaching a point we're I'm crying with the pain! I've started sunbeds but very nervous about making it worse.. Please help! 


Hi, I had eczema quite badly as a child and now 24 and all clear.

Used to bath with dermol 5000 twice a day.
Use hydrocortisone steroid creams on outbreaks.

Holidays somewhere where it is sunny helped clear up. Use sun cream and after sun everyday. If you use sun beds use sun cream then use after sun afterwards specifically after sun with aloe vera. (Patch test different products).

Try using aloe vera on outbreaks in general it can be bought off the shelf, but check ingredients. The more pure it is the better. Eczema is horrendous and I've fought most of it off now and can gdt away witg using normal body wash (lynx or axe). Try and stay away from cosmetic treatments where possible. If you find the aloe works you could help people in similar situation.

Also try rose water. Good herbal remedies shops can sell them Asian women use it and works for keeping spots away etc however likely not to cure eczema.