Symptoms: Tingling all over and muscle twitching and jerks at night sometimes.  This all started when i was working out.Had a cervical mri and revealed 2 herniations and 2 bulges indenting the sac and effacing subanaroid space. Gets worse if i sneeze or do something like running or sports. had mri of brain which was fine and rest of spine can this cause this. Had blood tests done is march which were fine no lyme or anything thyroid fine and emg test was negative was on an anti depressent i wonder if that can cause these symptoms by being on it for so long. Vitamin d was low but that has been like that for awhile even before the symptoms maybe that or b12 or magnesium potassium. Still want to get tested for small fiber neuropathy or Fibromyalgia don't have the pressure point pain at all. thank you very much .