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ive been with my boyfriend for 6 months now. We`ve been having sex for 5 months and there hasnt been any problems up to now.
Until recently i had cystitis and from that i caught a kidney infection..
ever since, whenever we have sex after about 10minutes it starts to sting very badly and burn, when his penis is inserted.
Is there any way to treat this?
I just really want to know whta it is and get rid of it.



ive been going through the exact same thing after a bout of cystitis, i no longer had the symptoms of cystitis (hurt when peeing, needing to pee constantly) but i did get a horrible burning sensation after sex

i went to the doctors and did a urine test. they said i still had a urinary infection and gave me antibiotics (keflex as it is most helpful in this problem). im still on them at the moment. i had sex yesterday and it was a bit painful but not as much as before so i hope its getting better

if it doesn't ive been told i may have to have a swab done (not looking forward to it but oh well). best thing to do is drink lots of water, drink water after drinking anything else. wash with water, no soaps. drink less coffe and tea. use lube when having sex too

at the end of the day if it doesnt go away, you need to see a doctor and get antibiotics.

hope this helped xx