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i had a water infection a few days ago, it started off with cystitis so i drank lots of cranberry juice which helped but then i started getting really bad stomach ache and back pain, i thought it might of been my period coming but it was constant pain, i went to the doctors and done a wee sample, it came back i had an infection and i only got given 6 tablets to take, i finished the course and then got thrush, so now am currently taking stuff for that, still have the back pain though! but im hoping after the thrush has gone i will be all better again! but dont leave it if you have back and stomach ache, i left it for a few days and it got worse and kept me up all night!


Hi there,

How do you mean water infection? If you are referring to urinary tract infection then the antibiotics should help you. You have had urinary tract infection but in my opinion that back pain that you have is caused by kidney stones. Has your doctor tested for kidney stones maybe? All the things that you have described sound to me like you have problems with your kidneys now and not with you urinary tract infection. This might have come in time of your period which only gets things harder to bear. If I were you I would see a doctor and ask him to test you for kidney stones just to be sure if you have them.

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